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Sericulture Research & Development Council

Young Age Rearing for Resham Mitra

"Resham mitra" is a term introduced by Sericulture Research and Development Council (SRDC) for an individual person assigned by Block Resource Agency (BRA) Approved by SRDC Who takes care of some given Parameters and plays some roles and responsibilities given by SRDC for a particular assigned area on the scale of 100 registration farmers.

5.1 Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidate should have passed all subjects in his/her 10+2.
  • The candidate should have at least one acre of own irrigated agriculture land for sericulture activity.
  • Having own aadhar card and PAN card is mandatory for every candidate.
  • Should have the proper certification of the 90 Days Training of operation of commercial chawki rearing house.
  • Should have basic communication skills to motivate farmer toward sericulture farming.
  • Candidate should summit a proper application offline & online to SRDC with the help of BRA& DRA.

5.2 Role & Responsibilities

  • Roles and Responsibilities will be done in two different phases With accordance to the different step of program Provided by Sericulture Research and Development council
  • Entire First phase will be performed by Resham Sathi and Resham Mitra Mutually with The help of Block Resource Agency (BRA) and District Resource Agency (DRA)
  • Resham Sathi and Resham mitra will have different roles and responsibilities in 2nd Phase.

5.3 Phase 1st Ė Farmerís Networking and Registration

  • Resham Mitra and Resham Sathi have to Registered 100 farmers in their particular assigned area for sericulture farmer.
  • The farmer selected by them should have their own aadhar card, voter card, Bank account in any govt. bank and the ownership of their agriculture land assigned for sericulture farming activities.
  • Each farmer should have at least 1 acre of land each for sericulture farming activity.
  • Resham Mitra and Resham Sathi have to make sure about the properly submission of the document of Crop Insurance and farmerís health insurance to the assigned Insurance Agency by Sericulture Research & Development Council.
  • They both have to make sure about the soil and water testing of the agriculture land of farmers registered by them.
  • They also have to make sure that the farmers registered by them should have proper irrigated land with proper irrigation facilities on their agriculture land.
  • They have to help farmers to prepare the land for mulberry cultivation.
  • They have to select the variety of mulberry plant according to the soil and water test report of the particular framers agriculture land.
  • They have to provide the mulberry stem to the farmers by the Help of SRDC according to Program.
  • They also have to do Establishment & Management of mulberry garden of the farmers registered by them.
  • They have to organize proper training for sericulture farmers of silk worm rearing activity.
  • They have to help farmer in Establishment & Management of chawki rearing house.

5.4 Phase 2nd ĖEarly age worm rearing

  • Resham Mitra should have at least one acre of agriculture land for sericulture farming.
  • The agriculture land used by Resham Mitra for sericulture farming should be properly irrigated and have all irrigation related facilities.
  • Resham Mitra have to make sure about the soil and water test of their own agriculture land.
  • Resham Mitra have to purchase mulberry stems from Sericulture Research and Development Council and establish mulberry garden for himself/herself.
  • Resham Mitra have to establish a chawki rearing house for late age silk worm rearing for him / herself.
  • Resham Mitra have to purchase silkworm seed from Block Resource Agency only according to program rules.
  • Resham Mitra have to done late age silkworm rearing of different good quality seed to fulfill the demand of different kind of Soil quality of different sericulture famers.
  • Resham Mitra have to supply late age silkworm to the sericulture farmerís door step on the demand and requirement of sericulture farmer.
  • The late age silk worm supplied to the sericulture farming by the Resham Mitra will be of good quality only.
  • Resham Mitra have to provide proper guidance for late age Silkworm rearing to the sericulture farmer registered by them.
  • Resham Mitra have to provide technical guidance about sericulture farming to the sericulture farmer.
  • Resham mitra have to take the responsibility to transport all the cocoon produced by each sericulture farmer to the Sericulture Research and Development Councilís Cocoon storage center and make sure that the whole payment should be transferred to sericulture farmers account.
  • Resham Mitra have to provide the proper guidance about the benefits of digital trading of Sericulture Research and Development Council

Note: -

  • Training Fee Rs.8000/- through Demand Draft will make on the name of Sericulture Research & Development Council.
  • Training Fee (Agriculture Extension Services) once paid is Non Refundable.