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Sericulture Research & Development Council

Vision & Mission


  • To provide necessary framework for advancing goals and prioritizing Strategies for the development of sericulture & silk industry to become a major silk producing country.


  • Promotion & development of sericulture & silk industry which is a priority industry because of its being an environment friendly, an effective socioeconomic tool for employment generation in rural areas.
  • Infrastructural and technical support for production of saplings of silkworm food plant and its plantation and silkworm seed.
  • Promotion of appropriate & latest technology of sapling raising & plantation of silkworm food plants, silkworm seed, silkworm rearing, silk spinning and silk reeling.
  • Facilitate marketing of sericulture produces at the optimum market price.


  • To promote extension & development, guidance and strengthening of support systems for sericulture & silk industry.
  • To promote for value addition of the silk produces within the state for added livelihood and higher earnings to the people.
  • Introduction and imparting latest technologies on sericulture.
  • Support for marketing of sericulture produces.