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Sericulture Research & Development Council

Establishment and Management of Commercial silk worm seed bank

Healthy seed is the backbone of sericulture industry. Healthy seed material having high viability is essential for establishing the crop. And also availability of quality silkworm seed in adequate quantities is the prerequisite in achieving the targeted silk production besides improving the productivity parameter. To produce quality seed, it is very important to adopt scientific methods of egg production right from seed crop rearing to egg incubation.SRDC will follow the norms of the Central Silk Board Act, 1948 and other Silkworm Seed Act of different state governments.

Sericulture Research and Development Council (SRDC) offers its consul6tancy for well organized and systematic “Silkworm Seed Bank” for mulberry and eri varieties.

SRDC is proposed to assist private silkworm seed producers by providing financial and technical support to start crossbreed (CB) and bivoltine silkworm seed production. To boost the Silk Industry SRDC is making an offer to farmers, NGOs, Entrepreneurs and all eligible groups to come forward and join our public private partnership (PPP) model to reap the benefits. The proposed scheme is as follows:

The Total Estimated Cost

(Brief description is given below)

For mulberry Silkworm Seed Bank works out to be Rs. 95/- lakh.

S. No. Particulars Cost / Unit( Lakhs)
1 Testing Equipment’s (list of equipment’s is enclosed in manual) 1.50
2 Installation of 2 moth rooms and 1 Incubation chamber 16.50
3 Installation of cold storage plant (details is enclosed in manual) 41.00
4 Infrastructure up gradation including equipment, transport vehicles and quality control measures 35.00
5 Quality Certification (ISO) 1.00
Total Cost 95.00

Consultancy Services to be provided by SRDC

  • Support for project proposal and paper work for establishment of Commercial Silkworm Seed Unit.
  • Efficient engineers and technicians for the construction of Commercial Silkworm Seed Unit.
  • Import of Machinery for Commercial Silkworm Seed Unit from foreign countries.
  • Technical support for the maintenance of Commercial Silkworm Seed Unit.
  • Modern machines with latest technology for Commercial Silkworm Seed Unit.
  • Technical tools and technology for Commercial Silkworm Seed Unit.
  • Support for Commercial Silkworm Seed Unit License and all clearance from concerned Govt. departments.
  • Guidance for loan from Banks / financial institutions and other legal formalities


Operational Guidelines:

  • Consultancy shall be provided to farmers & sericulture entrepreneurs who have associations of beneficiaries / sericulturists.
  • Farmers & sericulture entrepreneurs shall have a registered entity.
  • Farmers & sericulture entrepreneurs having sufficient infrastructure to establish Commercial Silkworm Seed Unit shall apply for consultancy.
  • Farmers & sericulture entrepreneurs shall be selected only after the scrutiny of the proposals.
  • Consultancy shall be in accordance with the:
    • number of beneficiaries
    • infrastructure for commercial silkworm seed bank
    • scope