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Sericulture Research & Development Council

Establishment and Management of commercial chowki rearing house

Sericulture Research & Development Council (SRDC) provides consultancy for technical & financial support to the farmers & sericulture entrepreneurs to establish Commercial Chawki Rearing House for Mulberry, Eri, Muga, Tassar Silkworms. Chawki Rearing refers to rearing of young silkworms, from egg hatching up to the second moult stage, under controlled micro climate. The process of Chawki Rearing may be compared to nursery raising in plantation crops. The purpose of Chawki Rearing is to grow quality silkworms under disease free environment, to reduce worm rearing duration, cost and to improve cocoon productivity at farmers’ level.

SRDC is following entrepreneurship development program of Central Silk Board.


SRDC proposes three models of Chawki Rearing House:

  • Traditional Chawki Rearing House - 50,000/- to 2,00,000/- (INR)
  • RCC constructed Chawki Rearing House - 2,00,000/- to 5,00,000/- (INR)
  • Modern Chawki Rearing House - 5,00,000/- to 10,00,000/- (INR)

Construction of separate rearing house is very essential to ensure hygienic conditions, prevent contamination during Mulberry and Eri silkworm rearing and to increase production and productivity. The size of the silkworm rearing house depends upon the quantum and type of rearing. Shelf rearing requires minimum space and is most common in India.


Consultancy Services to be provided by SRDC

  • Support for project making and paper work for establishment of Chawki Rearing House
  • Guidance for loan from Banks / financial institutions and other legal formalities.
  • Technical support for the maintenance of Modern Chawki Rearing House.
  • Efficient engineers and technicians for the construction of Modern Chawki Rearing House.
  • Modern machines with latest tools and technology for Modern Chawki Rearing House.
  • Support for the operations in Chawki Rearing House.
  • Market linkage guidance and support for Cocoon Selling.
  • Support for Sericulture Entrepreneur training.


Operational Guidelines:

  • Consultancy shall be provided to farmers & sericulture entrepreneurs who have raised the required plantation of Kesseru / Castor / Tapioca / Mulberry / Arjun in one acre of their land
  • Farmers & sericulture entrepreneurs having one acre of own plantation and sufficient land for construction of rearing houses both in traditional and non-traditional states shall apply for consultancy.
  • Must have sericulture / agriculture experience.
  • Farmers shall be selected only after the scrutiny of the proposals.
  • Consultancy shall be in accordance with the:
    • area of plantations
    • size of chawki rearing house
    • location
    • Geographical conditions