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Sericulture Research & Development Council

Establishment and Management of automatic reeling units

SRDC offers consultancy to entrepreneurs for the establishment of Automatic Reeling Units (200 ends & 400 ends) to produce international quality of raw silk.

As we know that there is high demand of quality raw silk yarn in domestic market. But the Indian reelers are not able to meet-out those demands. Because, the reeling sector in India is Cottage based and Highly Decentralized employing traditional reeling devices. Thus, country is dependent on imported raw silk yarn from China.

SRDC is pioneering and innovating work contributing towards a critical assessment of the silk industry structure in Commercial framework. The study of the entire industry shows that reeling sector strongly requires the adoption of latest modern technologies along with Substantial financial support to meet the current demand of Domestic and International market.

SRDC is following entrepreneurship development program of Central Silk Board.

Consultancy Services to be provided by SRDC

  • Support for project making and paper work for establishment of Automatic Reeling Units.
  • Guidance for loan from Banks / financial institutions and other legal formalities.
  • Support for Import of Machinery for Automatic Reeling Units from foreign countries.
  • Efficient engineers and technicians for the construction of Automatic Reeling Units.
  • Technical support for the maintenance of Automatic Reeling Units.
  • Modern machines with latest tools and technology for Automatic Reeling Units.
  • Support for License and all clearance for Automatic Reeling Units from Govt. of India.
  • Market guidance and support for Raw Silk Yarn.